Crypto Outlook Uncertain, Scam Tokens, Dead Queens & 20 Jokes – What’s Happening in Crypto?

• Investors debated BTC price outlooks, digital asset funds saw net outflows, and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian said crypto was here to stay.
• Binance struck a major deal with Ingenico, physical artifacts from the Titanic were tokenized as NFTs, and Coinbase was expected to report a 75% drop in Q4 revenue.
• Galois Capital closed its flagship fund after FTX collapse, US Democrats gave back less than 3% of Sam Bankman-Fried donation, and US FTC investigated Voyager Digital for “deceptive and unfair marketing” of crypto.

Uncertain BTC Outlooks

This week in crypto, investors debated the BTC price outlook while digital asset investment funds saw $32 million in net outflows last week amid a flurry of regulatory actions from US authorities. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian also said that crypto and bitcoin are ‘here to stay’.

Definitely Scam Tokens

Binance struck a major deal with Ingenico to let customers pay for goods and services in crypto. Meanwhile, physical artifacts retrieved from the wreckage of the Titanic were set to be tokenized as NFTs, and Spotify was testing a new playlist function made for NFTs holders. CoinBase was expected to report a 75% drop in its revenue for Q4 2022. Galois Capital closed its flagship fund after losing almost half of its capital in the FTX collapse; FTX warned the public about fraudulent tokens issued by groups who claimed to be working on its behalf; South Korean prosecutors applauded “meaningful” charges brought against Terra’s Do Kwon by the US SEC; while Paxos was in talks with the US SEC over its decision to consider BUSD a security.

Maybe Dead Queens

The US FTC announced that it was investigating Voyager Digital for “deceptive and unfair marketing” of crypto; French lawmaker denied he had been paid to promote a crypto scam; US Congressman Tom Emmer introduced a bill to prevent Fed from issuing CBDC; Moscow authorities detained British national accused of aiding North Korea in crypto sanction evasion; Hong Kong authorities decided to set aside $6.4 million boost Web3 sector; Zambia started testing technology regulate crypto aiming become regional hub; leading Russian economist said central banks would ultimately determine fate of crypto. PeckShield found scam tokens profiting from ChatGPT AI chatbot craze, while report claimed CryptoQueen’ Ruja Ignatova killed by drug lord on yacht Greece.

20 Crypto Jokes

Here’s 20 funny jokes about cryptocurrency:

1) What do you call an exchange without liquidity? A sunken coin!
2) Why did Satoshi Nakamoto create Bitcoin? For lols!
3) What do you call an investor who doesn’t understand blockchain technology? A noobchainer!
4) Why don’t miners take vacations? Because they’re always mining!
5) What did one blockchain say to another blockchain? Let’s decentralize!
6) How do you make money trading cryptocurrency? With HODLing fingers crossed!
7) What did one Litecoin miner say when asked why he didn’t mine Bitcoin instead? I’m too slow for that!
8) What do you get when you combine two cryptocurrencies together? A fork in the road!
9) Why don’t traders trust each other? Because trust is hard earned but easily lost! 10) How does an Ethereum whale swim so fast? By using gas instead of fins! 11) Where do whales go on vacation? The Bahamas Chain Islands! 12) How can you tell if someone is rich or poor based on their cryptocurrency holdings? If they have more coins than addresses they must be rich! 13) What’s Satoshi Nakamoto’s favorite type of pizza topping? Pepperoni chainz! 14) Why did Satoshi invent Bitcoin Cash? To split his coins up into smaller amounts so everyone could buy some pizza with them! 15) How much does it cost an individual miner to process one block on the Bitcoin network? It costs him nothing – because miners get rewarded with freshly mined coins for their efforts! 16) Why can’t miners break blocks faster than before? Because difficulty increases exponentially as more hashing power joins the network – making it harder and harder each day for miners to solve blocks quickly enough before anyone else does it firstly 17 )What does a bear market mean for altcoin traders ? They better hodl tight ! 18 )If 10 bitcoins are equal 1 Lambo , how many Satoshis would make up 1 penny ? 100 Million 19 )Why did Ethereum Classic fork off from Ethereum ? Because they wanted something different ! 20 )Why do whales hold onto their investments longer then others ? So they can let their profits marinate !