Rise of Meme Coins: 5 Best Cryptos to Buy After Andrew Tate Tweet

• Andrew Tate sparked the creation of a new cryptocurrency project called Sluts (SLUTS).
• Following in its footsteps, two other hot pairs called $LFG and $WAGMI have made the shitcoin list.
• Investors are turning to more promising meme projects for long-term gains.

Andrew Tate Sparks Creation of Sluts Token

Social media influencer Andrew Tate recently caused a stir in the crypto space when he called out crypto investors, labeling them “Cryptohoes” and adding the cashtag ‘$Sluts’. This resulted in the launch of a new cryptocurrency project called Sluts (SLUTS), which has already made an appearance on CoinMarketCap and grossed $495,000 in market valuation at its peak. Despite claims by Tate that he was unaware of the project’s launch, the token has surged 4.95% in the last day, trading at $0.05227.

Shitcoins List Includes LFG & WAGMI

In recent weeks, low-valued crypto assets known as shitcoins have been providing buoyancy for the crypto market after macroeconomic events stunted growth for major players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Following $SLUTS’ success, two other tokens – $LFG and $WAGMI – have also joined this list. However, these coins have seen sharp declines with $LFG dropping over 87% to $0.0003757 from yesterday’s price of $0.002090 and $WAGMI sliding 45.56% to trade at $0.00000002601 currently. Even tokens with names like $PISS are now part of this list too.

Meme Projects Offer Promising Gains

Despite these huge gains by some meme coins, investors are now looking towards more promising projects for long-term profits instead of settling for quick wins from shitcoins like SLUTS, LFG or WAGMI.. These ambitious projects offer value propositions that can increase their chances beyond short-lived fame as seen with some tokens on this list already..

Seeking Long-Term Profits In Meme Projects

With many new meme coin projects being launched every day, it is important to do your due diligence before investing any money into them or buying into their hype.. Look out for underlying fundamentals behind each token including available use cases and potential partnerships that could drive adoption.. Also research past performance of similar projects to determine if investing would be worthwhile or not..


The emergence of meme tokens has brought about an opportunity for investors to make big returns but it is important to remember not all tokens will succeed so caution should be taken when investing.. Research each token carefully before making any decisions and look out for projects that offer value propositions rather than those solely based on hype as they may not reach their full potential in future markets..